Ameii Vietnam JSC exports 300 tons of lychees to high-end markets

WEDNESDAY, 22/06/2022 08:49:48

Ameii Vietnam JSC. purchases lychees for export at a price 10 – 15% higher than normal lychee price.

From the beginning of the lychee season to June 20, Ameii Vietnam JSC. exported 300 tons of lychees to fastidious markets like Japan and European countries. In which, more than 10 tons of lychees were exported to Germany, France, and the UK for the first time by the company.

Hai Duong lychees were favorably sold and highly appreciated by consumers in the countries.

According to Ngo Thi Thu Hong, Director-general of Ameii Vietnam JSC., this year, the quality and appearance of lychees are better than previous years, resulting in favorable consumption.

Apart from export to the traditional market of Japan, the enterprise has also expanded the export of lychees to European countries and China.

Lychees purchased for export are usually 10-15% more expensive than normal ones.

It is expected that this lychee season, Ameii Vietnam JSC. will export about 2,000 tons, double 2021’s figure.

Hai Duong lychees will be exported to Japan, Singapore, Australia, the US, and many European countries.



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