Green agricultural production targeted

THURSDAY, 01/09/2022 07:17:56

There are more and more environmentally friendly organic-oriented production models in Hai Duong, helping to create clean farm produce and increase economic efficiency.

Clean and organic agricultural production is the current transformation trend of many production models in the province

During his visits to Hai Duong and at conferences, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Le Minh Hoan repeatedly mentioned factors for sustainable agricultural development. In which, the conversion of production towards green and economical agriculture is a must. In fact, many localities and cooperatives in the province have effectively switched to green production.

2022 continues to be a successful year of Ameii cooperative in Thanh Son commune, Thanh Ha district, regarding lychee. With more than 37 ha, the cooperative harvested about 500 tons of lychees meeting GlobalGAP standard.

In addition to being sold at high prices, the cooperative's lychees were exported to fastidious markets and consumed in the high-end domestic market segment.

Thanks to high and stable prices, the profits of the cooperative's members were 30% higher than previous lychee crops.

Especially, this crop, the cooperative had nearly 1 ha of organically grown lychees. Despite a low yield, organic lychees were sold for 35,000 - 40,000 VND/kg, higher than the prices of VietGAP and GlobalGAP lychees.

"Organic-oriented cultivation of lychees brings completely different products in terms of quality, and lychees are more delicious than conventionally grown ones. Besides high economic value for lychee growers, it also creates a sustainable farming environment," said Pham Van Giang, Director of Ameii Cooperative.

Grasping the trend of green production, so in as early as 2010, Ho Viet Hoan in Gia Xuyen commune, Hai Duong city, gathered about 20 ha of land for VietGAP-oriented agricultural development.

After years of development, he realized that agricultural production towards concentrated connection on a large scale with the application of high technology would be an inevitable and sustainable direction.

Therefore, in 2019, Hoan established Hoang Nam Phat Cooperative specializing in producing agricultural products.

With only 10 members and 50 ha at first, the cooperative now has 80 members and a production scale of about 300 ha with concentrated planting areas in Gia Loc and Ninh Giang districts and Kinh Mon town.

Hoan said that apart from the VietGAP growing areas, the cooperative also conducts organic production in poly and net houses. At present, the cooperative has about 10 ha of organic farming and 5,000 m2 of poly and net houses. It is expected that the cooperative's members will expand the area in 2023.

Hoang Nam Phat Cooperative has about 10 ha of organic vegetables and fruits and 5,000 ha of poly and net houses

"Concentrated agricultural development with linkages and organic production is 2 - 3 times more efficient than conventional production. We have also proactively created sources of organic fertilizers to serve production," said Hoan.

Over the past years, Hai Duong has attached much importance to concentrated commodity agricultural production with the application of high technology, clean agriculture, and organic agriculture, and attention has been paid to investing in infrastructure for production, helping to reduce losses and production costs.

Some models of connection between businesses, cooperatives and farmers have achieved high economic efficiency in association with innovating production in chains from cultivation to preservation, processing, and consumption of products.

With many years of experience in organic agricultural production, Tran Van Diep, Director of Quang Diep Clean Agriculture Cooperative, affirmed: "The efficiency of concentrated agricultural production with the application of advanced technology is many times higher than traditional farming."

"Demand for clean and organic products is increasing day by day. Supply is yet to meet the demand. Therefore, production connection and expansion of the organic cultivation area will be an inevitable trend in the coming time."

The provincial agriculture is developing in the direction of concentrated goods, hi-tech application, and organic agriculture towards smart agriculture to increase added value, sustainably develop, and associate green growth with digital transformation, focusing on planning and developing key areas specializing in producing staple agricultural products of the province and changing thinking from agricultural production to agricultural economy.
The province has 15,500 ha of GAP-cultivated vegetables, more than 5,000 ha of vegetables grown following export standards, and 1,500 ha of vegetables and fruit trees granted VietGAP certificates.

There are about 421.7 ha of organic production in the province, mostly rice cultivation in natural ragworm and small crab exploitation areas (403.7 ha).

137 ha of production land outside dikes in An Thanh commune, Tu Ky district, have been certified to meet Vietnam's organic agricultural standard.

Many agricultural products such as lychee, carrot, and cabbage are eligible for export to major markets like Japan, the US, Australia, and South Korea.


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