Key of modern Hai Duong agriculture

SATURDAY, 30/04/2022 13:01:57

Hai Duong agriculture is being transformed on the digitization path to improve production value.

Pham Dinh Dua in Yet Kieu commune, Gia Loc district, has applied digital technology to poultry raising and trading

Last March, the Plant Protection Department coordinated with Weather Plus Solution JSC. to assist Thanh Mien district with the installation of the iMetos Smart Meteorological Station, removing inadequacies in assessing and forecasting pests.

On the basis of parameters such as temperature, humidity, light, wind, etc., the equipment will analyze and give warnings about pests and suggest care measures to help plants grow appropriate to weather conditions.

All data will be transmitted to a focal unit for control, thereby developing a safe and effective production plan.

In addition, the information is shared through an application integrated on a smartphone or a computer connected to the internet for those needing.

Vu Khac Diep, Director of the Agricultural Service Center of Thanh Mien district, said thanks to the meteorological station, the center's work is not only less strenuous but also faster, timely, and more efficient.

Pham Dinh Dua in Thuong Bi hamlet, Yet Kieu commune, Gia Loc district, has applied modern technology to poultry raising.

Sensors installed in 14 incubators with a capacity of 19,000 eggs/incubator/2 days continuously update and transmit temperature data to pre-installed software on smartphones. Abnormalities affecting the incubation process will be notified for breeders to know and thereby adjust accordingly.

Cages for egg-laying and reserve hens are equipped with more than 40 surveillance cameras. Feeding and ventilation fan operation are also automatic, so his farms can be run from anywhere as long as there is a smartphone.

According to Dua, in the past, when things were still manually done, the amount of work of just one farm could not be accomplished even though his family employed more than a dozen workers. Now, thanks to digital transformation, Dua can easily manage three farms without additional labor.

Digital agriculture is making positive changes, which, however, is just the beginning. This is the foundation laying stage so that the application of digital technology will no longer be unfamiliar but popular in agricultural production in Hai Duong.



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