New dishes on OCOP "party table"

TUESDAY, 09/08/2022 06:50:14

The combination of OCOP products and community-based tourism will contribute to improving the quality of local typical products, propagating tourism, etc.

Artisans of Thanh Hai Water Puppetry Troupe meticulously polish and breathe life into puppets to serve spectators

The development of a new trade, tourism services associated with the "One commune one product (OCOP)" program, will help localities fully exploit the potential and strengths of culture and traditional trades, contributing to intensively and sustainably building new-style rural areas.

Spiritual "dishes"

In the past, Cay hamlet in Long Xuyen commune, Binh Giang district, was famous for sophisticated ceramics that made a name for the trade village.

However, in the modern trend, the trade village has fallen into oblivion, and the number of households doing the business has decreased.

At present, only artisan Vu Xuan Nam and his son Vu Xuan Hung are still keeping the fire of passion for the profession burning in the hamlet.

Identifying himself with the traditional profession, Hung has registered to participate in the OCOP program with a desire to preserve and promote the value of the trade village.

Artisan Vu Xuan Hung hoped that in the near future, Cay pottery would be a sightseeing and experiencing destination for those loving to find their roots.

Also a traditional art, water puppetry at Thanh Hai Water Puppetry Troupe in Thanh Ha district has become closer and closer to the public since taking part in the OCOP program.

Thanh Hai is one of the cradles of the long-standing water puppetry of Vietnam. The troupe has 25 members, five of them have been granted the artisan title.

"From a small water puppetry troupe only serving people in the commune on holidays and New Year occasions, Thanh Hai Water Puppetry Troupe has been better known to the audience through shows in and outside the province, even in foreign countries," said Nguyen Van Hung, deputy head of Thanh Hai Water Puppetry Troupe.

"All performances are close and simple to every Vietnamese. For shows abroad, those performances are one way for Vietnamese culture to come closer to international friends."

According to the Rural Development Sub-Department, the 2021 – 2025 OCOP program has been changed with the participation of tourism services, ecotourism, and tourist attractions. Hong Phong water puppetry in Ninh Giang district and Thanh Hai water puppetry in Thanh Ha district are two potential products of this group.

Despite a limited number of participating products, this is a motivation for other localities to learn and follow. OCOP will be a stepping stone for traditional trades to go further.

Association with community-based tourism

Traditional products of Cay pottery are favored by many customers

At the current stage, OCOP products are not merely agricultural ones but also in fields of other sectors, such as handicraft, herbal medicine, and services – tourism.

OCOP products have gradually exploited and promoted special, cultural, and traditional value of localities.

Nguyen Van Khanh, Secretary of the Party Committee of Thanh Hai commune, said: "When participating in the OCOP program, our locality would like to be connected with more travel businesses, especially in the development of community-based tourism. This is not only a way to preserve traditions but also an opportunity to bring water puppetry closer to the public."

In more than three years of implementing the OCOP program, 128 products in the province were recognized as 3- and 4-star OCOP ones. All of the products were in the field of food and beverage.

The involvement of tourism services will be a new "breath of air" in the OCOP program. To develop community-based tourism services in association with the OCOP program, entities and localities should pay more attention to form tourist attractions associated with agriculture and trade villages, such as embroidery, pottery, noodles, water puppetry, etc.

According to Pham Thi Dung, Deputy Director of the Rural Development Sub-Department, the combination of OCOP products and community-based tourism will contribute to improving the quality of local typical products and value, propagating tourism, and bringing about economic benefits and income to people.



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