Successful early lychee season

WEDNESDAY, 15/06/2022 07:01:20

This year's early lychee season in Thanh Ha is considered the most successful one in the past 10 years. Locals are excited at the high yield and stable high selling prices throughout season.

With favorable cultivation and selling, Thanh Ha farmers earn about 1,000 billion VND from early lychees this year

The quality of early lychees in Thanh Ha is always highly appreciated by domestic and foreign consumers. This is also one of great motivations for locals to pay attention to further investment in lychee cultivation.

To date, VietGAP process has been applied to the entire area of early lychees. Many lychee regions have satisfied standards for export to the US, Australia, the EU, Japan, etc.

Early lychees are mainly grown in Ha Dong area and harvested from May 6 to June 13. According to the district Division of Agriculture and Rural Development, with more than 1,000 ha of early lychees, this year's yield reached 29,000 tons, about 4,000 tons higher than last year.

The most surprising thing is that the price of early lychees this year remained high and stable from the beginning to the end of the season.

The first-harvested lychees, u trung trang, were sold for up to nearly 200,000 VND/kg sometimes and then stably for 80,000 VND/kg.

Also early lychees, u hong, u gai, and tau lai varieties were priced at 35,000-45,000 VND/kg, up about 20,000 VND/kg compared to the previous year.

Thanks to the high prices, many households in Ha Dong area earned 300-500 million VND from early lychees.

The reason for the high prices is that the quality of early lychees there is ranked first compared to that of early lychees in other localities.

Lychees there are beautiful, sweet, and fragrant. In addition, lychee trees do not fruit at the same time, resulting in scattered ripeness without concentration on one moment, and thus no sell-out.

Thanh Ha farmers are happy with the bumper crop and high prices of early lychees

This year, farmers harvested early lychees for more than one month, an increase of more than a week over the previous year.

At the end of May, the provincial People's Committee held a garden opening ceremony to pick lychees for export, the 2022 conference promoting sustainable trade for Thanh Ha thieu lychees and typical products of Hai Duong province, the 2022 Hai Duong Trade and Tourism Promotion Week, etc., contributing to attracting many domestic and foreign businesses, agencies, units, and organizations to consume Thanh Ha thieu lychees.

With about 29,000 tons of early lychees, revenue is estimated to reach approximately 1,000 billion VND, about 300 million VND higher than the previous year. In which, about 50% of early lychees were favorably exported to Japan, South Korea, Cambodia, China, etc.

A new feature is that this year, a lot of early lychees were sold in the southern market (about 50%) and supermarket chains nationwide.

Thanh Ha thieu lychees were also chosen as a specialty for agencies, units, and organizations to buy as gifts.

Though Chinese traders did not go to Thanh Ha for a long time this year, they placed more weighing points there than usual and hired people to weigh lychees. By the end of the early lychee season, there were about 300 large and small weighing points in the district.

Each day, Thanh Ha farmers harvested about 1,000 tons of lychees. Not only weighing point owners with large container trucks, traders in and outside the province also hurriedly drove small trucks there for purchase.

Standing Vice Chairwoman of the district People's Committee Hoang Thi Thuy Ha said locals did not worry about selling early lychees. This is a very successful year of this kind of lychee. The result was achieved because locals were more proactive in cultivation and selling stages.



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