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Live stream – new "dish" of Hai Duong Newspaper

MONDAY, 20/06/2022 16:59:58

Since the first live stream, the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage has always received great interaction from viewers.

Reporters interview a Japanese journalist during a live stream at the Thanh Ha Festival and Lychee Garden Opening Ceremony

On May 13, the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage first livestreamed a men's team table tennis match within the framework of the 31st SEA Games at the provincial Gymnasium.

"Initially, only more than a hundred people watched the first match I livestreamed. Some time later, the number of likes and comments gradually rose to 1,000, and then 2,000 times. This surprise encouraged us when making a new "dish" of the Hai Duong Newspaper," said technician Van Nghiep from the Department of Subeditor, a member of the crew producing the first live stream of the newspaper.

The crew consisted of the technician knowledgeable about information technology and two sport reporters.

Because of short preparation time, the reporters and technician utilized personal mobile phones, computers, camera tripods, etc. for livestreaming.

Reporter Tien Manh, who used to host some bulletins of the newspaper, was assigned to comment on matches during live streams.

The Hai Duong Newspaper decided to only livestream matches which were interesting or featured Vietnamese players.

All live streams could be watched from the Hai Duong online newspaper.

The live stream of the men's singles final of the 31st SEA Games table tennis with the participation of Hai Duong player Nguyen Duc Tuan was a considerable success of the crew with more than 8,200 views and nearly 100 shares.

A memorable milestone of live streams on the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage was marked on May 29 with a live stream of exciting activities at the Thanh Ha Festival and Lychee Garden Opening Ceremony, luring nearly 80,000 viewers in less than half a day of broadcasting on the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage.

There were 46 live streams on the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage within one month after the first live stream until June 20 with many records in terms of views, shares, and hearts.

A lot of live streams were anticipated and cheered on, such as the one titled "What do Hai Duong examinees and teachers say about literature and English exam questions for admission to the 10th grade?" produced right at a school gate after the two exams.

In less than a month, lychee, table tennis, and high school entrance exam live stream groups were formed with reporters knowledgeable about each field to serve each issue livestreamed.

Thanks to the live streams, the number of followers of the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage has rapidly increased over the part time.

On June 1, the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage was granted a verified badge by Facebook, meaning that it became a famous, reputable, influential, and global brand.

The reputation and quality of information have helped the Hai Duong Newspaper's Fanpage attract more than 108,000 followers, and the number is increasing day by day.



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