Hai Duong Weather Forecast

Large-scale heavy rain from Sept 7 night

TUESDAY, 06/09/2022 10:30:25

From the night of September 7 – 12, large-scale heavy rain is likely to occur in Hai Duong with a common rainfall of 100 – 200 mm.

Heavy rain is forecast to occur from the night of September 7, causing flooding in urban areas (File photo)

According to the Provincial Hydro-meteorological Station, a trough whose axis passes the Central region is being formed on September 6 with a tendency to gradually move northward and become stronger.

It is forecast that due to the influence of the northern edge of the trough, there will be moderate and heavy rain in Hai Duong from the night of September 7 with heavy rain and thunderstorms in some places. Beware of whirlwinds, lightning, and gusts of winds during thunderstorms.

The rain wave is likely to last until September 12.

The common rainfall in the northeast region of the province, consisting of Chi Linh city, Kinh Mon town, and Kim Thanh, Nam Sach, and Thanh Ha districts, will be 100 – 150 mm or higher in some areas.

The rainfall in the southwest region of the province, including Hai Duong city and Cam Giang, Binh Giang, Thanh Mien, Tu Ky, Ninh Giang, and Gia Loc districts, will range between 100 and 200 mm or higher in some areas.

Be alert to level-1 disasters due to heavy rain, whirlwinds, and lightning.

Downpours may cause flooding in urban areas and affect agricultural production.



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